OpenPKG Registry Help

OpenPKG Download Policy Changed

Since 2005-11-28 the download policy on had to be slightly changed in order to allow the OpenPKG project to better identify its effective user community. This is absolutely vital for the future of the OpenPKG project and every long-term OpenPKG user is called to support the OpenPKG project with both a simple, free of charge and one-time registration and an identification during downloads.

Through the usual anonymous access a subset of the OpenPKG distribution files (about 21GB of 65GB in total) still can be downloaded, including the full latest OpenPKG-2.5-RELEASE files for allowing anyone to easily and fully anonymously evaluate and install OpenPKG.

For additionally downloading...

...directly from, one has to identify oneself during download on the OpenPKG FTP service and OpenPKG RSYNC service with... OpenPKG Registry Launched

To gain full access to all OpenPKG download resources is a simple two-step procedure:

  1. Register as an OpenPKG fellow on the OpenPKG Registry website by clicking on its "Login" and then "Account Enrollment" buttons and signing up with your valid Email address.
  2. For downloading files, access the OpenPKG FTP and RSYNC services with the URLs and rsync:// Use an empty password on both and remember that the "@" in email-address might to be replaced with "%40" for some clients. For rsync the empty password can be passed with RSYNC_PASSWORD="" in the environment.
For more Questions & Answers on the OpenPKG Registry and the access via the OpenPKG FTP and RSYNC services, please see our Frequently Asked Questions list.